SS M33 Dagger - WKC - RZM (Ref. EDGE018)

A fine example of the SS service dagger by the firm of Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie, more commonly referred to as WKC. The dagger is a later vintage example (1939) and as such, carries the firm's RZM mark - 1053/39 (as listed in Thomas Wittmann's recent publication on SS daggers). Consequently, the scabbard is of the painted type, and the fittings are plated.

Condition: Overall the dagger grades very good to excellent.

The blade is in very nice condition: it exhibits good crossgraining; has a needle point, no sharpening; and a very dark motto and maker's mark.

Scabbard in excellent shape, with no dents or dings; close to 100% of the original painted finish remains, and is only marred by a few small scratches to the scabbard; the fittings are in excellent condition with only the tiniest of dents to the scabbard ball; the scabbard screwheads show only minimal turning.

Ebony grip has been professionally restored but to a very high standard. Grip button and eagle in excellent condition (see photos).

The dagger is complete with its original black leather hanger.

In closing, this is a very nice example of a later vintage SS dagger, and would make an ideal first SS dagger. SOLD